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Here at Three Towns and Kilwinning Dental Care we take our responsibility of caring for the environment very much.  


We have adapted and invested heavily to play our part in looking after the environment.  Even though dental and the healthcare industry in general uses many single-use products, we think it is important to do as much as we can, even as a small business, to look after the environment.


Just a few of the things we do:


We do all our referrals online.


We use electronic signature pads where we can to avoid the need to print.


We remind our patients of their appointments by text or email and as much as possible avoid sending letters to patients.


We use digital radiography rather than using wet film processing so avoid the need to use chemicals.


We recycle all our waste including paper, cardboard and plastic as much as possible and have recycle bins in all areas of the practices.


We recycle all our printer cartridges.


We have all our procedures and policies online for all our team to access rather than printing them.


We bulk order once per month to reduce our carbon footprint in the delivery process and reduce the amount of packaging used by our suppliers.


We receive the majority of our invoices online.


We encourage the team to switch off lights when not in the room.


We use oil-free compressors.


We use amalgam separators so no amalgam enters the waste.


We use LED lights as much as we can.


We have all our boilers on timers so we don’t use unnecessary heating when people aren’t in the building.  


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